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50 Reasons to Hire Us As Your Full Service Real Estate Team to Sell Your Home.

What's Most Important to a Owner Selling Their Home?
Everyone Agrees it's:
To Get the Highest Net Price in the Least Amount of Time
and with the Least Amount of Hassle. With that in mind:
*We have the professional skills, honed to a razor edge over the last 27 years, to represent your best interests at all times.
*We do an in depth Comprehensive Marketing Analysis to price your home at its highest market value.
*We make sure we know the unique selling features and benefits of your home so as to implement your personalized marketing plan directed to the target market most likely to match buyer's to your home, therefore selling your home in the least amount of time possible.
*We conduct a thorough consultation to determine your needs and expectations, assuring a smooth and seamless plan to achieve your goals.
*We negotiate the highest market value to achieve the over all goal of selling your home with the highest net proceeds to you.
See below for complete, in depth details regarding all of our 
50 reasons to help you sell your home. 
 Initial Contact and Listing of Your Home

Visit your home to determine the key selling features so as to highlight them in our marketing program.

Prepare an in depth Comparative Market Analysis of your property using all active, pending sale and closed properties that have a direct impact on the price of your home. You will continue to receive an analysis every week until your home is sold.

Detail how we will represent you through the entire process of marketing, negotiating and selling your home. Discuss all elements that will take place from contract signing to closing.

Provide you with our entire personalized Comprehensive Marketing Program, client communication plan and professional communication plan. Outline our 27 years of accomplishments and sales history to give you all the information you need to make the right decision on who should handle one of your most important financial decisions.

Prepare estimated cash at closing based upon the suggested list price, taking into account all deductions.

Take multiple pictures of your home to prepare 5+ page color brochures, marketing flyers, jumbo just listed postcards, Internet photos, color CD’s and real estate magazine photos.

Have extra keys made and install lock box if needed.

Marketing of Your Home

We design a special web site for "YOUR HOME ONLY" with virtual tours, multiple COLOR pictures and full descriptions. This web site is advertised on all our marketing pieces as well as on the Internet. This provides your home with the most up to date marketing avalaible so your are not lost among all the other homes for sale in your area. 

We send a full COLOR flyer with virtual tour links and desccriptions to over 10,000 local Realtors. This makes sure your home is seen by all these agents and not just another listing in the MLS. 

Use staging techniques to make sure your home “shows” in the best possible way.

In depth information on preparing your home for sale, what to do when showings are scheduled and what to do if you’re home when it’s shown.

Deliver color marketing brochures (5+ pages) for buyers who visit your home. Less than 1% of all agents prepare anything at all.

Install a professional For Sale sign, brochure box with full page flyers and sign riders to direct potential buyers to our web site and phone numbers.

Order virtual tour. Place pictures, headline, scrolling text and narrative description on and at least 8 other Internet sites.

Write and place ad in at least one color real estate magazine until sold.

Submit complete information including 8 pictures and virtual tours of your home to 6 different Multiple Listing Services (over 40,000 agents).

Mail over 3,000 Just Listed jumbo postcards with multiple color pictures and description of your home.

E-mail our entire database with information about your home.

E-mail other Realtors and agents that sell the most homes in your area.

Organize and attend open house.

Keeping You Updated

Provide you with a weekly Market Analysis with information about any new listings, pending or closed sales. This allows us to “listen to the market” and make any changes necessary.

Request feedback from agents who show your home.

We are available 7 days a week via the telephone, e-mail, cell phones, fax, voice mails and answering machines at the Keller Williams office and our home office.

When Offer is Presented

We will present a summary of the contract terms, concentrating on the price, buyer financing, contract conditions, closing date, cash on contract, estimated cash proceeds at closing and excluded items. We will offer our advice and recommendations with you making the final decision. If needed, go back to buyer’s agent with counter offers. Report back with counter offers until contract agreed upon or cancelled.

One the most compelling reasons to hire an experienced agent are the emotions that occur from both sellers and buyers during the negotiation phase, inspection report and appraisal. There are always challenges or problems that arise that only an experienced, full service agent can handle with a minimum of difficulty to you.

As a full service Realtor with 27 years experience, I handle all the negotiations and take the inevitable stress that would be on you out of this part of the process. You don’t have to talk directly with the buyer or their agent. We are totally on your side and do everything we can so that you receive the highest market value in the shortest time and with the least amount of inconvenience.

After Contract Agreed Upon.

Stay in contact with you, the buyer’s agent, attorneys, title companies, inspection companies, mortgage brokers, appraisers, homeowners associations and any others involved in the transaction. Handle all follow up needed until your home is sold and closed.

Make sure all contingencies to the contract are met.

We attend the inspection, appraisal, walk through and closing.

Constantly check on mortgage approval of the buyer and on the sale of the buyer’s home (if applicable) to make sure your home will close on time.

Make sure any additional deposits per the contract are received.

Give the title company or attorney doing the closing, a copy of the title policy.

Provide you with our 30 member Service Team List.

Refer you to movers, attorneys or any other professionals needed.

Work with all parties to try and schedule the closing on a day and time most convenient to you.

Provide you with a detailed “Moving Checklist”.

After closing, we continue to provide you services we hope you will find helpful.

Lee Jenkins, Realtor
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